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Blister Packing of Tablets and Capsules
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We have 5 blister machines and more than 200 sets of change parts to accommodate just about any shape and size of tablets or capsules.

We supply PVC / Pvdc clear and opaque, we also offer help in the design of your artwork if required.
Sachets of Liquid Products and Powders
:: Description ::
We have 6 sachet machines, of which 3 are dedicated to powder sachets and the other 2 sachet machines are dedicated to liquid sachets.
The other sachet machine is a form / fill sachet machine which produces the pencil type sachet and we can do powders / granules and liquids into various sized pouches.
Tablet and Capsule Counting
:: Description ::
We have 4 tablet/capsule counting machines, giving us a large capacity across all type of tablets and capsules. We have one line dedicated to counting soft gel capsules.
Secondary Packaging
:: Description ::
We have dedicated lines that only do secondary packaging. We do over-stickering for promotions, assembly of various components into one display box.
We are able to offer in house printing of bar - code labels.
Powder Filling into Jars
:: Description ::
We have 3 auger filling machines that are ideal for the filling of powders and granules into jars.
Liquid and Cream Filling of Bottles and Jars
:: Description ::
We have specialized machines for the filling of viscous gels and creams.

We can also fill and seal plastic and aluminium tubes.
Shrink Wrapping and Fuji Sleeving/Security Seals
:: Description ::
We have shrink wrap machines for all your shrinking / safety seals and Fuji sleeving needs.
:: Description ::
We can also do blista pockets onto backing boards.
Powder Blending 100kg - 2000kg Batch Sizes
:: Description ::
We have the capacity to do dry powder blending in various batch sizes up to 2000 kg. We are able to pack the powders off into bulk bags that are heat sealed or sewn closed.
Liquid Manufacturing of Liquids/Creams and Ointments
:: Description ::
We have liquid/ointment and cream manufacturing capacities from small lab scale batches up to 2000 litre batch sizes. We have a Reverse osmosis water treatment plant that delivers point of use water that is tested weekly by outside laboratories. .
Cartoning/Display Assembly/Blista Cards
:: Description ::
We have 4 cartoning machines that can be adjusted to accommodate just about any unit carton.
Our machines are hand fed so we can feed into the unit cartons any information leaflet/package inserts/ loose dosing caps ets that are required to go into the finished product.

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